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Artist Spotlight - Sheila Brannan

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

She brought it to us July 5th, a beautiful panel of a tree, the moon and glass the color of a night sky. Sheila Brannan, masked and always busy (and never dull), is still piecing together her masterpieces of stained glass. At the same time, she works with the elderly, and trains in contact tracing which she will do virtually and by phone. She wants to protect her elderly clients that she cares for. Her roster cut back to a few because of the pandemic.

In our home space looking up at our window as she advises us on how to hang the beautiful panel, I can’t help but think that her home-care clients must appreciate her calm demeanor, kindness and wisdom.

She reminds us that right now, as members of the Over Mountain Studio Tour, some of us would have been setting up for the Summer Show at the Community Center in Shepherdstown, but we long ago gave up on that event. We have been isolated. Our three new members have yet to participate in any group meeting, nor have many of us even met them! Us bloggers (mostly Linda Case and Tara Bell) plan to include them some day in the OTMST blog. We want to include everyone on the tour eventually.

Sheila is a senior member of this tour and joined close to 30 years ago. Her studio was a stop for many years, and now, most likely will be hosted by Anne Rule-Thompson again at her pottery studio in Bolivar. We still don’t know when that will be, pandemic pending. We have been talking about alternatives, we will let you know.

We miss seeing each other, planning and getting inspiration. Now is a time of catching up, cleaning out our studios, mourning our losses and serving the community through art and our time.

Before she left our home, Sheila showed us a video of children in her family, hugging with joy. Oh, dear, we wanted to hug too, but we didn’t. We waved instead. We will hang our glass panel soon. We have the time. It will grace our home.

Sheila brings hope in the space she occupies, like her glass, she shines her light through the darkness and reveals the color that is always there.

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