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Doing the Tour

There would be no reason to have the Over the Mountain Studio Tour if it weren't for the people who visit it. Of course It survives because of the exchange of commodities, but it is more than a shopping spree. It is a gathering of old friends, a family outing, a workshop, a love fest, or a get away.

We have had many people coming every year, but there are always some for the first time who had not realized it even existed, They have seen a red and white studio tour sign on the way to the grocery, and follow it to a studio stop where they discover there are more studios to see and a map to follow, and that it's free admission and an adventure begins.

We know of some who have been doing the tour since the very beginning, 32 years ago, and have rarely missed going. It's always been the 2nd week-end in November,

Some people come from D.C. and spend the week-end, They like to learn about how you make a pot, a basket, a sculpture, a book. Some just like the unique look, the freshness of the creative process. It inspires them.

A new mother named their baby after an artist on the tour and introduced the baby to that artist. Photos were taken. The artist still isn't sure if it is true, but she was flattered, none the less.

It's like giving a great big party, but you don't who's coming, That's what we love about it.

Have you been "doing the tour"? Please comment and tell us about your experience. You can share you name, if you want, it will be nice to say hi!

By the way, should we expect you this year? Oh, wait, make it a surprise!

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