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We emerged, those setting up the summer show (Taste of the Tour?) Not everyone from the tour was there, but we represent everyone. We have inside disagreement on whether we should bother with this show or not, so those that thought it worthwhile gave it a push, and we put some inspiration into it. We gave it some oomph!

We took two days to set up, and place flowers, pennants, banners and make the hall and front entrance welcoming. We invited past members, visitor center volunteers, retail store promoters, restaurants that put out our brochures and table tents on their tables, Charles Town Library that has run an art series for including some members of the tour, the Community Club, and of course our customers, friends and family. We celebrate them all.

During the week-end we talk among ourselves about visions, our art, the tour itself, and the community. Keeping our pulse on what matters is important to us, so we think of ourselves, aging in this 30th year, and our dear founders Anne Bowers and Ren and Pam Parziale and the orginal founder, the one that wanted to start this in the first place and who most of the tour members have never met, Sharon Wyatt.

We consider our tour's present day and its future. Hence, our emerging artists (two this year) who were introduced all around the room, and will surely benefit with setting up at Bridget Brown’s studio and the forge of Eric Johnson. (More about these two emerging artists in another blog)

Stained Glass by Sheila Brannan

So here we are making things with our hands, emerging from under the concern and worry for our world, and shaking free from isolation, and discovering we all share in this community. We find solace in a whole other world that only we can provide for ourselves and others, the world of vision, imagination, support of others, the common ground. We emerge from discourse into the world of pleasure and knowing what is best for us.

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