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This blog is for Ann Sharp and for Gil Garcia. You do not grieve alone. You are thought of. The uniqueness of your loss is your own, but the depth of it is down here, with us, those that have touched your life, briefly or not.

Artists Joe Mayer and Jim Shumate died recently, both having been members of  The Over the Mountain Tour. Joe most recently and Jim, some years ago. Their colors and images are with us to hold close today. To capture in our memories, and give us stories and messages. There was a reason they picked up their brushes and pencils, they wanted to create something to see, to interpret, to share.

We think of you this spring as the Heliotrope and the Daffodils resurrect themselves into view, hidden in the earth for the winter, to open like fairies to feed an insect, and for us to love.

Like a flower, Joe and Jim have created for the community a world for us to see, to know them by, to give reverence to.

Take care Ann and Gil. I don’t think you know each other, but you are connected in soul. May the season give you comfort.  Self Isolate in peace. Stay in touch with loved ones.

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