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The Power of a Cupcake....

The Studio Tour returned with a flourish. Our visitors flocked back with joy. A Tour has to be planned many months before it happens. It was scary to try to predict the future and keep everyone safe. But we pulled it off.

Basket maker Anne Bowers, one of our founders, summed the experience up. “The people that came just loved that we were holding it. My granddaughter had crocheted some mini-dinosauers for the kids. People I know from over the years caught me up on their news – both sad and glad. Folks talked about baskets they’ve bought over the years and how they’re using them.” A big thank you for all of you who visited the Tour.

I shared a Tour stop with artist Tara Bell. From across the room, I saw a woman give her a tray of mini-cupcakes. I’ll let Tara who is a wonderful writer, tell you the story.

"A tray of Cupcakes was set down before me, adorned in a lavender ribbon.

'Several years ago,' an attractive women said, 'you had your art set up here at Cool Spring. You had a table set up so visitors could draw.'

"Yes, I remembered, it seemed like 5 years ago, but it was only two. Linda Case and I had set up a table between our booths for people to try their hand at drawing on dark paper with colored pencils. 'My son was there. He enjoyed the drawing so much, he didn’t want to leave.' I remembered him! A young fellow that drew a great tree.

"These cupcakes are for you," the mother said, and the friend with her smiled. "For encouragement and an experience he will always remember.."


How honored, I felt, I would not have known that young guy would find inspiration that day, and that his mother did not forget, and brought me something two years later that

I would not forget. The cupcakes were sprinkled in the colors of colored pencils and thankfulness. How thoughtful was that!”

Or as Stephen King notes “We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why.”

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