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This Week-end, Repose Yourselves

Get in your vehicle with family and/or friends or be by yourself. Set off with your GPS and/or printed off map of the studio stops in Jefferson county (there are 8, most stops have more than one artist)

Roll down the window, breath and smile. Bring your cup of tea or coffee, and follow the paths to any of the stops, not in any order. Visit all of them, or one of them. You have two days, You can do four stops on Saturday and four on Sunday. Or, if you wish, you can visit one stop more than once, have a cookie and chat with the artists, and fellow visitors. There are no rules and it's free. You can buy something (most of the artists take credit cards) or you don't have to. Ask the artists how they made their object, what they do all year. Do they teach?

Feel the heaviness of an iron poker, the smoothness of a wooden bowl made of a local tree, the texture of a woolen pattern, squeeze a skien of yarn and then pat the head of the sheep that made it. Hug a basket and want to make one yourself. Admire the clean, symmetrical side of nature and the unexpected collection of color an artist can put together so all of us can see. Appreciate the layers of skill it takes to create an image, a cartoon, a ceramic vessel, paintings of alcohol inks with clay embellishments, and foraged bark baskets. Notice how there is fire, water, earth and air that is a part of everything. Stop in Shepherdstown, Harpers Ferry, or Charles Town for a meal.

Come and traverse the county November 12 and 13th from 10-5. Join in the community of artists and visitors and praise what humans can do that is good.

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