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Chose a gift of love, hand made with heart

By Joy Bridy

In the hubbub of the final month of the year, there is usually at least one morning when I wake up thinking about how to contact a local maker, wondering if they have the thing that I think they have, hoping to pick it up as a gift. While sometimes I have their number in my phone, other times I have to be more resourceful by looking them up by their website, digging up their facebook page, or remembering a group that they are part of, like the Over the Mountain Studio Tour.

If I’m lucky, there’s a great website that will help me to connect with them, and I’ll find their direct website with contact information, give them a call, ask them if they have what I think they might have (fingers crossed behind my back, even though they can’t see them), and cheer when they say that, indeed, they do.

So, if you saw something while you were visiting our studios during the studio tour, or if you think that one of our makers might have just what you’re thinking of, no matter what time of year it may be, visit our website. We have a members page that will take you to each person’s website or preferred method of contact. Or pick up last year’s old brochure that you stashed in your address book or junk drawer. (Each maker's contact info is on the inside.)

We’re looking forward to talking with you again.

Joy Bridy is an artist potter and 11 year studio tour member. More of her writing and work can be found at

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