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Joining the Studio Tour, part two

In this blog, Founder Anne Bowers shines a light on our jurying of new members in the Studio Tour (see also part 1). “The tour jurying happens once a year. Depending on your situation, we will come to your studio or you can bring your work to us. Four or five tour members will meet with you, look at your creations, talk with you about your process and just generally learn about you and where you are in your professional growth. Our jury sessions are meant to be low-stress, informing you as much as we become informed about you. We then take a few days to work out the details. We’ll call you about the jury’s decision. Not all folks are accepted the first time around. Some take what they learned at the session, apply it to their work, jury again, and are accepted a following year. Some are accepted as Emerging Artists...but that is a topic for another time!

“Here is what we look for when we jury artists...high quality work that can be produced for sale, a unique and personal style, a studio spot within Jefferson County that can be opened to the public OR an artisan willing to be a guest at another studio stop. Enthusiasm! A positive attitude! Willingness to be involved with other artisans!

Because we are a self-run organization we also search for abilities that you have that would contribute to the 'nuts n bolts' of tour responsibilities. Fee for participation paid on time and attendance at meetings is a must. We ask that you belong to a committee of your choice and be a hands on participant helping this long lived community be successful.

“As an all volunteer organization, we meet regularly for all-member meetings. Committees within the tour meet to hammer out the things that need to be done to have the tour run smoothly. Think of website design, apps, posters and rack cards designed and distributed, advertising, promotion, finances, jurying, clear communication and so much more! But while we work out the 'nuts and bolts' of the tour, it is all done while admiring, supporting and generally being enthused about one another’s art. Our goal for the weekend of the tour is to provide welcoming creative spaces where we can invite the public to come and visit us, see how we make what we do, enjoy conversations and tasty treats while strengthening the bonds within our local community. Guests are often surprised that they have artists in so many genres living nearby.”

If it’s the right fit for where you are in your artistic journey consider approaching the Studio Tour to learn more about our jury process. Call us at 304-725-0567 or email us through the tour website – (in the overhead menu click Contact and a box “Contact Us” will emerge so you can send an email). We’d love to hear from you. Don’t delay as jurying is usually late February or early March.

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