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Where Does the Passion to Make Originate?

Give a child a gift of art supplies and you may be giving them a lifelong passion. One of our new Studio Tour members, Denise Ray of Wovenpath Textiles, is a perfect example. “My first memory of my attraction to fiber, yarn and cloth was when I was six years old. I was given a gift of an embroidery kit. Those colorful yarns and the needle and stamped design cloth were the beginnings of a lifelong love of textiles,” she says.

Denise owns many looms and loves to refurbish old and broken ones. She explains “I don’t use any commercial equipment to produce my textiles. All weaving is done on wooden looms constructed to be used by hand weavers.”

Today she weaves mostly with natural fibers such as cotton, linen and wool because she finds these to be the most durable and beautiful. Her weave structures range from simple plain weave to sturdy twills to romantic laces and the more complex weaves. “I specialize in patterns used in Appalachia over the past two hundred years. I honor the hard work and need for practicality expressed in this cloth – as well as their honest beauty.”

Please help us welcome Denise Ray to the incredible pool of maker talent that is the Studio Tour.

And on June 25 (10-5), come visit many of our makers at the Shenandoah Planing Mill where we'll be participating in the Mill's free Summertime at the Mill extravaganza. There'll be vendors of all types, food aplenty, fascinating tours, music and demonstrations amid towering walls of wood planks and fascinating equipment. See you there!

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