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Annette Verna

Ceramic Artist

Time and nature are the primary inspirations for Annette's work.  Her forms are a response to what she finds most beautiful - not the big scenery, but the details:  cracks, crevices and layers of rock; scars and imperfections; crumbling and decay; variations in color, spaces carved into canyons and caves.  Clay is a product of natural forces and the continuous cycle that builds and erodes, which makes it a natural medium for this expression.  She creates forms with simple surfaces and uses primitive firing techniques to express her ideas about the natural world.  “Clay and fire are my partners and we make objects together.”

Annette has been working with clay for more than 40 years.  She attended art school in the Adirondack Mountains and has degrees in Studio Art and Art History.  Annette has exhibited in regional and national juried exhibitions and her work can be seen in galleries around the region.  Annette also enjoys helping people discover their enthusiasm for clay.  Before moving to West Virginia, she taught ceramics for the Fairfax County community education program and a clay studio in Alexandria, VA.  She currently teaches for Washington Street Studios in Harper’s Ferry, WV.

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