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Denise Ray


Denise Ray will be presenting her handloomed textiles for sale. Her handwoven textiles are practical and beautiful. She weaves mostly with natural fibers, such as, cotton, linen and wool as she finds these to be the most durable and attractive. When available, she uses organic versions of these yarns which add to their customer appeal. Weave structures range from the simple plain weave, to sturdy twills to romantic laces and the more complex weaves. All weaving is done on wooden looms constructed to be used by hand weavers. No commercial equipment is used to produce her textiles.  She uses designs that have their roots in world history and specialize in patterns used in Appalachia over the past two hundred years. She honors the hard work and need for practicality expressed in their cloth as well as their honest beauty. 

  • Over the Mountain Studio Tour
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