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Isabel Wilder

Fiber Artist

Isabel is an Ecuadorian-American artist specializing in the use of textiles and leather to create accessories and home decor pieces.  Her passion for sewing started at a young age, and over the years, she has continued to design, sew and create one of a kind pieces. Isabel draws inspiration from her love of nature, travels, vintage fabrics, textures, hand embroidery, and her recent exploration of patchwork and quilting techniques.

Having lived in Argentina, Vietnam, Ukraine, and Peru with her family, Isabel has had the unique opportunity to immerse herself in diverse cultures, gaining first hand experience of various crafts and craftsmanship.  This exposure has significantly enriched her creativity and provided a vast resource of inspiration.

Isabel’s creative process typically starts with a sketch in her notebook, from which she allows her ideas to evolve organically.  She finds joy in the process of how each piece develops, believing that the journey of creation is as rewarding as the finished product. 

She believes that handmade items carry a unique energy, connecting the maker and the recipient in a special way. 

Her sewing machines and sewing room accompany her in all her travels, inspiring the name of her brand: Gypsy Tailor. 

  • Over the Mountain Studio Tour
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