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Linda Case

Mixed Media Artist

Whimsical Mixed MediaAfter a careerrooted in left brain consulting butalways salted with plentyof right brain learning and creative making, Linda Case is now focused fulltime on designing and crafting worlds of fantasy and whimsy that viewerscan interpret from their unique experiences.

Case is a member of the Jefferson County WV,Over The Mountain StudioTour andexhibits at a limited number of venues. In fact, her work hasbeen a well-kept secret with much of it in the collections of other artists.“My pieces share a strong connection to nature,” she explains. “I amdrawn tovibrantcolors, many layers of collage that create a richness. Iparticularly value therough andunfinishedwhen neighbored withfinished detail.”Having worked over the years with many media, Case has found her voice.Sheoften combines paint, clay, glass, wood, even bits of antique metals.Nothing is out-of-bounds. She talks of partnering with her materials.“They speak to me and often know where they want to go. I have learnedto listen and follow.

  • Over the Mountain Studio Tour
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