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Rock Fusion Studios

Glass and Jewelry Artists


Evgeny Zidarov has always been passionate and intrigued by natural stones. He spent weekends with his dad rockhounding and collecting crystals, minerals, and specimens. Several years ago, he took lapidary and faceting classes and got hooked. In his twenties, he experimented with silver smithing and now decided to put both of his passions together. He has taken multiple classes in William Holland Lapidary School of the Arts, New Approach School for Jewelers, and John Campbell Folk School. The focus of his jewelry is always showcasing the natural beauty of the stones.  Recently, he has taken an interest in the ancient art of scrimshaw and is planning on incorporating it in his new work. 


Tatyana has always been fascinated by color. From drawing and coloring for hours as a kid, to painting with oil, watercolor and hand building ceramics, she has always been passionate about art. Her journey with glass began by chance after receiving a fused glass class as a birthday present. From that point on she was hooked.

Her work explores the balance between color, light, and texture. Each work is a celebration of the colors of the sky at dawn, the tranquil blues and greens of the ocean, the vibrant hues of blooming flowers, and the serene greens of ancient forests.

Through her glass art, she aspires to offer a moment of wonder and joy, a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and a reminder of the vibrant beauty that surrounds us.She continues to evolve and grow in her craft, exploring new techniques and ideas. Her journey is one of constant learning, inspired by the ever-changing canvas of the natural world.

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