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A Candle for Nancy Streeter

Nancy Streeter passed away in the early morning of August 26th. She carved beautiful animals and figures by hand. You may remember she set up on the OTMST with Eric Johnson and his wife, Cathy, at their farm and forge.

I asked Eric and Cathy to share some words about Nancy. Eric wanted us to know they shared an occupation together. They worked as rangers for the National Park Service. They had a camaraderie with their green and gray uniforms, Smokey the Bear hats and pine cone leather belts. Together they had a special relationship with visitors.

“…she carved wood and I forged iron.

I thought we made a good team.” Eric wrote.

This November Eric “may leave the rocking chair empty (by the old wood stove), with a cushion and some wood shavings on it. And like I said (before), Sophie the old calico cat may be asleep on it, missing her wood-carving buddy as much as I will. It’s hard to tell old friends goodbye, but I press on in faith and hope…and remember them when I ring my anvil.”

Cathy Johnson met Nancy years ago at the Department of Interior training. She says she is “very saddened by the loss of Nancy. The tour will not be the same without her.”

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