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A Woman of Many Talents

October is a big month for our compatriot Tara Bell. She is one of 4 authors who collaborated to produce the novel “Thoughts and Prayers,” which will be released next month by Sunbury Press. It’s the story of a young girl’s unwitting role in a disastrous school shooting and her attempts to evade the resulting investigation. There are 8 major characters and each author wrote the voice, thoughts and actions of two. They combined their initials to create the pseudonym Lee Anne Post as author. Check out their website for more information and upcoming events.

Tara is a woman of many creative talents. If you are a fan of The Over The Mountain Studio Tour you might think of her as a visual artist using pastels, acrylics, pencils and more. “I’ve been drawing and coloring since I got my first box of crayons,” she laughs. “I remember my Mom bringing home a drawing pad and a new box of those crayons and how excited I was. I read comics and would notice a lot about the art – like how Superman has blue hair.”

But storytelling and theatre work were important parts of her family tradition as well so Tara has always balanced writing and drawing. She’s been working on a picture book for young readers based in Harper’s Ferry from the view of the town cat. “Covid sent me into writing more. I’ve been more focused and organized. Visual art to me involves more being with people and getting out in the world,” Tara explains. “Writing is more solitary.”

You can visit Tara at the November13,14 Tour where she’ll feature both the new book and her beautiful artwork.

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