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Artist Spotlight - Lisa Kovatch

Lisa Kovatch's Mother in her garden

Lisa Kovatch, with her bold pottery with a colorful edge, contemporary and useful, is busy hunkering down in Bolivar, sister-town to Harpers Ferry. She also makes beeswax covers (a green replacement to plastic cling wrap) in addition to her pottery. She chooses fabric with her joy filled wit.

Still, she hasn’t been working on these things lately. What is she doing during these different days, with no summer show, and November in the far distance? (note: Lisa will be only participating in the tour virtually this year, stay tuned for more info). One huge change for her is her mother has come to stay with her during Covid-19 times residing in Lisa’s historical house. Her Mom misses her own home and garden, but she has been working too. She and her daughter made cotton masks for HOLLER! Mask-force. Lisa’s sister is an RN, so the weight of the risks they are facing feel very real (oh, yeah!) Now the Focus is on the removal of the intense invasion of plants in the back of her home (a rocky cliff, typical where she lives) has been a long time coming. The extension of her veggie garden has also waylaid the creative production of pots. She says soon, though, she will get back in her pottery shed and studio. The cute red building is a stones throw from her house and sits among her gardens and stone walls and is calling to her now that it is warmer. First she will purge old pots that didn’t turn out, and once pretty, but now disintegrating feathers and beetles and get it all set for the creative juices to flow.

Lisa also works part-time for the Waterford Foundation located in Virginia, as their Education Associate overseeing the Craft School.

With all this time at home, Lisa’s awareness is heightened with the gratefulness she has in living in a small town surrounded by natural beauty in a time when many others across the country are isolated in dense urban environment. Although in the short time since I wrote this blog about Lisa, we have seen the crowds of protests. It is time for the creative mind to dive into action.

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