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Ren & Pam, Pam & Ren, their names interchangeable with each other, are the creators of their lifetime business Sycamore Pottery, are moving on from the studio tour after this year, 2022. They will still make pots, so don't fret, but we can be nostalgic...we can be sad.

When Anne Bowers came to them 33 years ago and asked them to be a part of a Jefferson County artist's studio tour, they were already established potters in the county having moved their business from a dilapidated Georgetown carriage house in DC. Anne's vision was to have Sycamore Pottery on board to join the studio tour. They came with business sense, experience, charm, talent and they brought customers who believed in them. With the planets aligned, hard planning, consulting and the help of Ren and Pam, the tour was a success. As years rolled by they were a big part of nurturing the more than one hundred members that have participated in the OTMST that has become a part of the community. (and plans to grow.)

Ren and Pam, dear friends, fill the kilns, shift around vessels, bowls and plates, Glaze, paint and ponder other, study and love. Enjoy some less hectic times, your home, family and friends. And give away all your ladders. Thank you for your contribution.

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1 Comment

Anne Rule-Thompson
Anne Rule-Thompson
Sep 12, 2022

We will miss them, so!

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