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Come to Evolve

Step into the pop-up venue at 106 West German Street on Friday evening July 21 from 5-8 pm for the opening celebration of the 2023 Summer Preview of the Over the Mountain Studio Tour. Come by Saturday July 22 from 11-7, and Sunday, July 23 from 11-4 for a continued presentation of what is new and marvelous from the tour this year.. Catch up on the news. Meet up with friends you haven’t seen for a while and meet the newest members of the tour.

Over the week-end tour folks will take turns hosting the venue and sale. Catch up on what is happening on the what is happening the 2nd week-end in November when the full tour will be set up in studios around Jefferson county. Share your creative mind with other creative minds. Admire, wish and dream. We need some uplifting, and some contemplative thought, and nothing can replace the honed knowledge of professional artists, craftspeople and makers.

Members of the artists tour are year round makers, inventing and managing their businesses as they go. This unique pop-up event will showcase an array of objects for sale. You will discover Intricate weavings, baskets and a variety of pots created by the expert hand. You’ll find dream-like paintings researched and loved, art objects of paper deftly snipped, wooden objects turned, sculpted or carved into figures. Also admire: repurposed items with a fresh perspective, brilliant jewelry, objects from the forest…foraged by an

selective eye to create a bark vessel. You will encounter nature pulled forth with a special process of luminous wax, landscapes created with wool, Iron hammered at the forge, a kaleidoscope of intricately placed flowers and leaves. and colors pulled from in between the rainbow and placed on paper.

Step on in the door.

It will be a lovely week-end at Evolve.

Our special gratitude to the vision of Jann and Elise for this wonderful space.

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