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Fusions of Delight!

We’re excited to welcome Rock Fusion Studio’s two artists to the Over The Mountain Studio Tour.  Glass artist Tatyana’s vibrant fluid colors form glass lacy bowls, glass flowers, or intricate glass weavings frozen in a breeze. Evgeny takes interesting stones and minerals, often wrapping them in silver wire, to create necklaces, and earrings.


I was curious about how in the world Tatyana created those lattice pieces. She shared a bit of her process with me...  “They are constructed entirely with glass powders. I use sifters to lay down the powder and this allows me to design the openings.” They go through a number of firings, and a final one shapes the piece.


 What about those pieces that look like miniature weavings? Tatyana uses strings of glass that are 1 mm thick. “I lay them next to each other and then put another layer on top in the opposite direction.” A glass weaving that is 6” usually contain over 230 strings of glass.


Evgeny is the jewelry maker. His father was a geologist, so Evgeny has always been fascinated with stones, minerals and rocks. He started working in the stones first. He has worked in silver since his 20’s and has taken classes in wire wrapping, silversmithing, inlay, and lapidary (the practice of shaping stone, minerals or gemstones into decorative items). He cuts and polishes his stones so he can find the exact one for the piece he wants to design. A scrimshaw class is his latest interest, and he wants to incorporate this carving technique in his jewelry. He also plans on using stone inlay to create knife handles and belt buckles.


I asked Tatyana if she ever thought they would collaborate and combine their art into a design they both created. Turns out they were planning to do so. She didn’t say it was soon, or even this year.  Wouldn’t that be cool to see what they came up with?


See them at Evolve this summer in the July showcase show, and later in the second weekend in November on the tour itself. Their website is

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