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Introducing Ceramic Artist Annette Verna

The Over the Mountain Studio Tour is proud to announce Annette Verna as one of our six (yes, six) wonderful new artists juried into the Tour in 2024.  She specializes in pit firing, an ancient firing technique used to harden clay before the development of kilns.  Each firing produces unique results and thus each vessel is one of a kind.  “Clay and fire are my partners and we make objects together,” she explains.

Annette’s current work is a response to what she finds most beautiful in nature…”not the big scenery, but the details:  cracks, crevices and layers of rock; scars and imperfections; crumbling and decay.”  Indeed her vessels look ancient and archeological.

I asked Annette what prompted her to seek participation in the Tour. “I wanted to be in a community of artists serious about making fine work.  I hope it spurs me to have a fresh look at my medium – maybe even undertake a coop project to learn about other mediums.”

“I was nervous about jurying and I put it off for a couple of years.  The level of quality of work by Tour artisans made me concerned whether I’d fit.”  The verdict is in and we love adding her to our very special mix of talented, innovative artists.  Check out more of her work at

And don’t miss the Tour’s upcoming Summer Show (7/5 -7/7) at Shepherdstown’s Evolve.  It’s a “taste” of each artist’s work.  Friday 7/5 opening hours are 5-8, Saturday 7/6 from 11-7, Sunday 7/7 from 11-4.  Come enjoy a space filled to the brim with creativity and joy.

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