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It's Wonder Full!

The advent of February each year holds special significance for me. It’s when the Baltimore Convention Center morphs into a wonderland of talent, creativity and first rate makers with the annual American Craft Show. This year the dates are the 22nd to the 24th.

I like going early on Friday when the 550 artists are fresh and chatty and the crowds are a little thinner. Walking the endless floor with your eyes and mind exploding helps to disguise the fact you are also getting some great exercise. I love watching the shoppers who tend to exhibit their love of craft in their garb and jewelry. Even the food is amazingly good for a convention venue.

Best of all, if you subscribe to The Craft Council’s wonderful magazine American Craft ($40 for 6 issues), you can get a free ticket to the show ($14 in advance, $16 on site). Try it and see if a February trip to Baltimore doesn’t become an annual tradition in your life.

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