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Melanie Brownsmith, A Creator with Passion

Our photographer for the tour joined us in 2016, gathering 20+ of us making sure we didn't blink, frown or hide. Patient, beribboned and artfully attired, Melanie fits right into our group and we are lucky to have her around. She has worked with me, Tara Bell, Liz Paper Arts, (Liz Goins), Arcadian furniture (Tim Woebler), and Lisa Ashton, She is available to us to hire for art photos, to help us with web site design, technology, and ideas. She is a Renaissance woman, enjoying gardens and science. She is also great with people. I do not feel stupid with her, as we navigate through the techie maze together, designing a web site.

Melanie is a graduate of Shepherd University with a BFA in Photography. Her love for photography started in high school almost thirty years ago.

"Since graduation from Shepherd, family has always been important just as art has. The process of creating is my favorite part whether it's a sculpture or a composition. I love learning how to create something new."

She has her own wonderful textile creations, felt flowers, hand-dyed fabrics, wool-haired dolls and clever aprons. She works with her mother and also has a solo line of creations as well as her photography.

"Working with my mom is fun and challenging, because we each play to each other's strengths. She is an amazing technical seamstress, able to work out patterns and take my out of the box thinking to create a design.
I am a creator and have a passion to work with other creators. I love seeing other creatives succeed and helping them get there."

You may hire Melanie too. Contact her through the following links, or browse her creations for sale. You will feel lucky too.

Melanie's personal work:

She and her Mom:

Also check out:

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