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New Member Introduction; Esther Murphy!

Green pitchers, floral stamps in clay, sculptured faces, artful pumpkins, wood fired pieces and sgraffito pots; these are some of the wares from Esther Murphy's Encore Studio that you should expect on the tour this year. She is inspired to try new methods and searches for the "elusive soft blue glaze, that applies and fires perfectly every time". Esther has immersed herself in the world of pottery making and crafting for several decades. She has taken classes and participated in workshops as prestigious as the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA and is now a member of the potters guild in Frederick, Maryland. She resides just outside of Shepherdstown so she juried for the OTM studio tour and was accepted as a member. She is now preparing to set up shop with Danielle Corsetto (Cartoonist and Graphic novelist...stop number to be announced) this November (2nd week-end).

Sgraffito pieces from Esther Murphy.

Beautiful, earthy pots sent to her by her mother-in-law heartened Esther into pottery making.

"...I would look at those pots from her home in Montana...thinking it would be so satisfying to be able to make something like that...I still love those Montana pots, but they're not what I aspire to when I go into the studio these days. Being a guild member has exposed me to lots of different styles and techniques."

"Functional pieces seem to fit my very practical nature. There's something satisfying about knowing my work may enhance a family meal or hold a bouquet of special occasion flowers. I aspire to create work that makes a statement but like to respect the customer who'd like to purchase 'a little something'. So I try to do both."

Esther is excited to be joining the tour this year... and so are we!

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Anne Rule-Thompson
Anne Rule-Thompson
22 de jul. de 2022

We are so happy to have you on the Tour Esther! Welcome!

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