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On Your Mark, Get Ready, Get Set.....

by Linda Case, mixed media artist

The Over the Mountain Studio Tour is almost here! It’s November 10 and 11 and you’ll be able to visit 9 studios and enjoy the work of 24 juried artists of amazing diversity. Here are my top 4 reasons to be absolutely sure this is on your calendar.

  1. You’ll absorb the beautiful Jefferson County landscapes awash in yellow and reds and browns as you travel the historic back roads from studio to studio. Here you will find all the information you need:

  2. Holidays are almost here. Buy less and buy the best. When you buy directly from a local artist you are supporting them in a difficult profession and your money stays local supporting your community. Be sure to include the artist’s card or brochure in your gift.

  3. New! this year six studios will include a chance for you and your family to participate in making a unique artwork. This tradition was started by master basket weaver and teacher Ann Bowers who began including a participatory artwork at her stop a few years ago. Last year folks made a huge woven dragon and rumors suggest this year it may be a school of fish at her Stop 5. Undoubtedly a large school of fish. The rest of us are determined not to be outdone so 6 stops will present you with a hands-on opportunity to be a crafter, an artist, a maker and to feel that inspiring rush of doing in concert with others. Activities include building a large scale outdoor sculpture using local clay and wood, weaving with found objects, wool and natural items, making paper ornaments to decorate a community tree to be donated to charity, drawing your own dream circle or sculpting your hand with clay.

  4. You’ll finish the day exhilarated by the creativity within us all…maybe even inspired to pick up those abandoned knitting needles, or build and decorate a birdhouse or reinvigorate some almost-forgotten passion you once had.

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