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Our Earth

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Are you watching it in your area? It’s January and a purple vinca flower bloomed beside our deck. The air current belongs to Spring. It is not subtle. Humans are confused, so are insects, birds, earth, wind and fire. Time to paint, draw, sculpt shapes and images that give back.The artist attempts to visit the soul of nature in mountains, animals, colors, sky, cloud, and tree. We watch it carefully and wish it well. Or we warn those that need warning so they can take action. A warm winter day feels good on the skin, but its confusion is not liberating. Things are changing in permanent ways.The pieces stop going together, and we sense it.

It’s a good time to visit a local gallery. Try Delaplaine Art Center in Frederick, Maryland. It’s bright with a large gallery, a reception room for fundraisers, and a gift shop featuring area artists of the utmost. Contemporary and local artists have a story to tell, and the onlooker needs the story. The story is about love and despair. Love for the earth in it’s overall existence, a place where we can exist, the only place we exist, the only place we can make art and look at it and relate to it. And the despair that it is impermanent, something we know we must adjust to, for whatever happens,is inevitable. So we attempt to focus on what we see, what we look deeply into. So, after you ponder the Delaplaine Art Center displays and your place on earth, go out for coffee or lunch with an artist friend. Talk about what you want to make next. Inspire each other to make something. I will look deeply into the face of a flower.

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