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Sunday Drive

I am always amazed when I find a long time resident of Jefferson County who has never

heard of the Over the Mountain Studio Tour. It’s been around for thirty years now, and some of its founding members still participate.

Remember the “Sunday Drive”? Maybe you are not old enough, but here is a description in a nutshell: The kids pile into the station wagon, Dad or Mom take the wheel and everyone takes off with no destination, and no errands. It was a ride around the countryside where the family looked at the changing leaves, noticed how so and so’s garden was doing, or if Mr. Thompson ever got his barn painted. No one turned on the radio, or talked about much. We just turned up country lanes, rolled down the windows and sniffed the air. (Unless Dad rode the dirt road behind the cemetery; then it was windows up fast before the dust rolled in).

As I rode the country roads of Jefferson County today, following the route of the Over

the Mountain Studio Tour, I am again surprised at the beauty of the place where I live. I thought that perhaps no one took Sunday drives anymore. I think we might get accustomed to our trips to the grocery, or taking the same route home from work, Panera Bread, the school or main street, and we forget how really beautiful it is. We can see mountains, the woods, hawks atop poles, and goldfinches in the brush.

I thought the Over the Mountain Studio Tour might give you an excuse to take a Sunday

drive. Instead of the dusty road, you can visit artists’ studios. Here you can be inspired, get the creative juices flowing, wonder at the craftsmanship and maybe get some holiday shopping done. Collectable, hand-made, reliable, beautiful items await you, and if you have never been on the tour, come discover anew the county in which you live.

P.S. Richard and I stepped into Anne Bowers’ barn today, by invitation, to see the seventy plus baskets she had resting there drying after a final process she does to prepare these incredible baskets for the world. There were many sizes, shapes, colors and designs to behold. Come see them for yourself this weekend, November 9-10.

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