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TaDa! Welcome the Studio Tour’s Second New 2023 Member….

It is the Shepherdstown-based boutique floral and event business WestVirjeni, owned by Jeni Peterson and assisted by Lead Designer Mark Harding! I visited their wonderful Linden Spring Farm (c.1779) base and creativity was evident everywhere before I even exited the car. Carefully placed vintage ornaments, wonderful natural plantings, an antique mirror hung on a tree all said “creativity thrives here.”

We went into the working floral studio – really a small house – and I fired questions. Jeni, a lifelong “hobby gardener” from a long line of gardeners detoured as a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley. Mark ran the Flower Haus in Shepherdstown. And then Jeni took the leap and officially founded WestVirjeni in 2013.

They have a unique style/niche which they describe as “whimsical, bohemian, asymmetrical and artistic,” but emphasize they love to work to their client’s style both in the floral arrangements and how they are presented. “We love to pair vessels in eclectic ways,” notes Mark.

What will they be showing on the Tour in November? First you’ll see their studio and they’ll be stocked with wonderful wreaths and everlastings - many they have dried themselves. They’ll have unique dried flower, greens, and pod arrangements in one-of-a-kind containers. Did I mention they also do workshops? Head over to their website and check them out. They are also on Facebook and a monthly newsletter is in the works.

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