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The Alchemy of Paper

Liz Goins creates through pure will, and the love of paper, colorful scrap, tea-dyed pages, sheet music, and children's books of old. Creations are skillfully carved into detailed dancers, or ships, or birds. They are folded, manipulated into a merry-go-round, tiered wedding cakes and a life-sized wedding dress. There is a cowboy birdhouse, a playful puppet, threaded stars with paper beads gazing out among the branches of the Christmas tree.

Her love of teaching paper craft and promoting the arts keeps her motivated. Are you familiar with the beautiful glass mosaics in Charles Town? Yes, she got that going, She helped push to fund it, delegated people and motivated a community to create them. See this awesome piece covering the building wall of what is now the new Inkwell Tavern. It also inspired a spin off group to make the mosaics in a neighborhood park. Liz always has a project going, and if you are lucky enough to have dinner with her at her home, you might be expected to fold paper cranes with her tutelage.

She partakes in art groups in Sarasota too, and brings her ideas and creativity back to her home in Charles Town, where she and Rod Glover will share her studio together. (Stay tuned for another blog about Rod.)

Recently, in the depths of Covid-19 spread, she had to get moving if she wanted to have enough inventory for the November tour.

"A tiny work space and a few materials were the ingredients to get my creative juices flowing again. I took my X-Acto knife and some paper and started cutting shapes creating a memory from times past in a gentler era. And then it happened, a paper soldier appeared collaged from scrapes of Japanese papers." says Liz.

Could this mean soon she will have magically spun paper into gold? I would say, yes! If she hasn't already. You come and see yourself.

Liz and Rod are making the studio as safe as possible for your visit. Masks and wise distancing and outdoor areas in her garden are set up for your enjoyment and easement.

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