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The Blooming Never Stops....

I checked in with Over the Mountain Studio Tour artist Rose Mendez to see how sheltering was affecting her life and art. She’s a beautiful young mother with 9 and 12 year old boys, now at home full time. She’s full of ideas and following up with action when she can slip away from the family hubbub. “This has given me time to play with the direction in which I was moving. Many people identify me with my organic metal jewelry and don’t know that I work with a lot of soft materials.” She’s sewing, working with mixed media, stretching her boundaries.

“I’ve been making bags from old paintings of mine. This one was an unstretched canvas that was an abstracted body landscape. The bags are lined with vintage fabric.” How fascinating that she moves so freely from soft (in her sewing materials) to hard (in her metal jewelry.” But then if you ever purchased her earrings, you know they came in soft velvety fabric. Maybe that was a clue.

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