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This New Year

by Tara Bell

When I asked OTMST members Danielle Corsetto, Tim Wohebler and Bruce Fransen to share what they were up to for this new year, and got an answer, I thought... wow, I am going to have to write three blogs, but I decided to carry on and share one BIG blog with you. It is interesting to compare how diverse these artisans are and what creative paths they take beside what they create for their inventory.

What Danielle, Tim and Bruce have in common is they are

immersed in their creative process, but it's not all about the tour. It's about them and what they do to stay engaged and what drives them to do it, it's diverse and wonderful and creative.

Danielle has been stressed and busy preparing for something that might not happen:

Danielles strip about her New Year.

a trip to Denmark. The stress comes with the hugely rising Omicrone variant and whether her flight will be cancelled. She is scheduled to be a guest teacher at The Animation Workshop in Viborg. Danielle says that "the school only accepts 20 new students every two years for its 4-year Graphic Storytelling program, which is the program I teach for... so the students are incredibly talented and hard-working. It's so inspiring to be with them! "

Danielle, if she gets to go, will also spend time with her wonderful friend and family. The strip featured is about her situation to relieve pressure! If Danielle does not go, she will teach via Zoom. Not the same is it? Good luck Danielle.

Tim Wohebler is taking time away from inventory stocking his furniture, yet will work on your custom order. In this New Year he works with a local contractor. At present he is helping with building a not so ordinary log cabin adding his beautiful iron wood and rhododendron features to the house. He runs a portable saw mill there and it's under roof for rainy days with some lighting,.. so he can see and keep relatively dry as he works this winter. If you haven't seen it, watch this video of Tim at work, it's fascinating.

Bruce Fransen is absorbed in music! "I have played a number of outdoor gigs during the warm weather. This has been great for me as I have been working very hard, almost daily, practicing musical aspects that I have been avoiding for the last 50 or so years. The level of musicianship among the people I have been playing with is very high, so it is particularly rewarding for me to bring a new confidence and some new skills to the bandstand."
A saxophone is his instrument of choice in the band and if he is better at playing it when I heard him several years ago, then he should be off the charts.
Bruce also is working on his award winning sculptures, and if all goes well, he and Arlene will host a stop again in November 2022. They were missed this past year.
Happy New Year to everyone, endure, make peace, and be creative.

Bruce Fransen's work in progress.


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