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This Week-end!

On November 13, 14, (10 am-5 pm) take a break from whatever it is, and hop in your car and follow the circuit of country roads in Jefferson County, West Virginia. Follow The Over the Mountain Studio Tour online map or print it off from this website. We also will have maps at every stop, so if you find one of us, it will lead you to another. Follow the red and white tour signs with numbers of the studio stops. The kids can help you find them. Pull onto the studio property and find a parking spot. Some of us are outdoors or partially this year, or windows and doors are wide open, so wear snuggly clothes, and for this year, please wear a mask when (it will keep your nose warm). You could finish the tour in one day, or have a more leisurely time and take that well needed break for two days. Stay the night if you don’t live among us. If you want, pop into a few of our stops after breakfast or lunch, please do so. Check out the restaurants in Shepherdstown, Charles Town and Harpers Ferry. There are no rules, but you might find it hard to choose who to visit.

The following 20 descriptions might be a fun puzzle to solve. Can you guess who the artists are that fit the following descriptions?

Find unique botanical images, pots shaped like Paw-Paw leaves, brilliant colors of inky delight, foraged basket and baskets made by a master. Look for paper shaped with experienced hands. dreamy circles of penciled color, graphic stories bound and ready, weavings of spun wool, and visit the sheep where the wool comes from. Then go sit on a stool of natural branches set just so, touch the smooth turned bowls made from local trees, look for glassy beads expertly transformed into images. Love the sewn texture of fabric art, carved creatures alive with personality, skillfully hewn wooden bowls, and glorious pots a plenty at the end of a sycamore tree lane.

Find iron hand-rails forged in fire, river stones frozen in time, and

delicate metal leaves of beauty.

Look for answers on our website.

Need help? You can ask us.

Each stop has more than one artist (there are 20 of us and 10 stops) and we make, create our own wares throughout the year, or years. We will have them on display to buy or admire. Come, let’s be together. We have missed this, and the reason we work to make it happen. See you THIS week-end!

Image by Danielle Corsetto

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