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Trees and Tools

There are certain trees. There is wood. There are the antique machines that create the wooden objects. Then there is Neil Super. He joined the OTMStudio Tour in 2018, yet even with the long pandemic gap, he seems to have been a part of our group for much longer. He fits right in. His vision is authentic. He and our other makers of wooden objects, Bruce Fransen (sculptures) Tim Wohleber (furniture) and Steve Adams (Hand hewn vessels) have befriended each other. They have their own unique approach to the artist’s idea of what to create with wood.

Trees in our community have blown down as of late, old friends and landmarks. Neil has claimed the remnants of some of these trees to create bowls and objects to give them a new life. He will be able to point out which item goes with what tree at his booth at the Shenandoah Planing Mill on June 12. Location of the mill is off Summit Road at 471 Cold Storage Road, Charles Town, WV 25414.

Antique woodturning machines intrigue Neil Super, and he has found time during 2020 to discover a 19th century 16 foot “long bed” lathe. It is being restored and will live at the Planing Mill. There is also a century-old “twist machine” that makes turnings that mimic twisted rope. Neil will be happy to talk shop with you and how he plans to incorporate these old tools in his work.

Neil heads our OTMST committee as communicator with Shenandoah Planing Mill as they plan the family friendly event together. You can visit his booth, observe demonstrations, and ask him questions, along with many other vendors from the Over the Mountain Studio Tour. Here you can experience more of the relationship we have with trees.

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