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Embracing Beads!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Lisa Ashton, beading artist extraordinaire, was juried for the Over the Mountain Studio Tour way back in March 2020 and accepted, and that was that. There were no planning meetings, no Zoom time, not even a summer show…nada. We, like the rest of the world, ticked off our cancelled venues, closed galleries, and “not going to happen” Science Fiction conventions. What? Science Fiction? Yes, Lisa also makes costumes to compete or masquerade at Worldcon and Costume Con gatherings across the U.S. and overseas. So here we are in October, getting ready for a virtual presence on our web site, Bridgette Brown is making a video of all (most) of us. I finally decided I would I email Lisa to welcome her into the fold and write this blog, she wrote back. Like old friends we told a bit of our story. I shared a little history of the Over the Mountain Studio Tour. Lisa shares she now lives in Harpers Ferry, she moved here a few years after her soulmate husband suddenly passed away. Here is where they traveled to a cabin they owned for a getaway. They passed by Harpers Ferry and it became a love of theirs. It has that magical pull, doesn’t it? So, she moved in 2015 with her heart, her beads, and her artist’s mind.

Her creations of colors and intricate work sparkle with original design. At 11 years old (hmmm, so specific), she began beading and has now developed a style some of which she’s named “bead collage.” When you see it for yourself, it will knock your socks off. Hopefully, when we soon update our site, you will be able to see some of her collages for yourself. In the meantime visit her Face Book page https://www.facebook.come/lisa.ashton.3591 , or email her. Along with her beaded collages and costumes, she beads parasols (I’d like to twirl one of those in the sunlight).

Lisa sent me a photo of her in Czechoslovakia (she has been 3 times) standing in front of shelves of glass beads in little clear bags stacked in colors - bugle beads, seed beads, pressed beads. She has brought a collection home for her inventory, and is happy to sell them to you. So if you want, contact her on FB, to see what she has to offer.

If all goes well in 2021, we will figure out a safe way to offer our wares in person, and her stop will be Cool Spring (we think, maybe, stay tuned) where she will set up her booth with Linda Case and I. Maybe by then you can drive around Jefferson County, roll down your windows and let the breeze hit your maskless face and take in the fall beauty.

In the meantime email Lisa Ashton at Maybe she would feel like an old friend to you too.

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