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An email to the Studio Tour Artists asking if they will be showing anything new this year (November 12 & 13, 10-5pm) generated a flood of updates so here is a sampling.

Anne Bowers has toured the country this year as a master teacher of basketmaking. While her inventory is low (come early!) she will have many of the baskets featured in her upcoming basket book. Many are traditional Appalachian ribbed baskets.

Rod Glover who excels in botanical collage and assemblage will be showing some experimental monotype and collage pieces that include printing with leaves and other natural objects. He promises to have more of his seaside works that feature shells, seaweed and coral.

Also on the botanical side, look for Rose Sanders Mendez’ new collection of botanically inspired jewelry and decoupage art furniture. Rose also will have lots of bells!

Want to try your hand at weaving? Fiber artist Bridget Brown will be setting up her peg loom for guests to try their hand at weaving with her new milled core spun rug yarn. And in a first for the Studio Tour she has created a special edition Studio Tour yarn made from wool, alpaca and bamboo (see photo). It’s a beautiful deep brown and burgundy with flecks of color.

Cartoonist and Graphic Novelist Danielle Corsetto will be displaying original pages from her graphic novel Elephant Town based on Shepherdstown. She’s also working on a display to show her process starting with thumbnail sketches to pencils to inks to the finished colored page. You’ll be amazed at the work that goes into a cartoon’s finished product.

Also showing her process is Anne Rule Thompson who will have a demonstration table set up so that she can actually work fusing natural materials with her painting within wax. By the way, ever realize her initials are ART?

Fiber artist Diane Meyers is focusing on how she can increase her use of recycled and repurposed materials. Check out where she is in this process. Potter Esther Murphy will be showing some pots from a recent wood firing done communally with other potters. The resulting pots surprise even the makes in how they are marked in unexpected ways by the fire, salt and ash.

Denise Ray, a talented weaver new to this year’s tour has been exploring a color and weave effect called log cabin in her weaving (see photo). Denise says “the delight is in the many variations that can be woven using this technique.” Check out her beautiful work.

Luke Bauer of Blue Ridge Wildcraft has used this past year to glean new insights into the potential of using totally new materials for his rough hewn basketry (see photo.) He’s explored animal fibers from Bridget Brown and many new tree fibers with ideas from Anne Bowers. We’re definitely a supportive community.

And that’s only part of what you’ll see. So the answer to “what’s new?” is a whole lot! Come see, enjoy and be amazed. You’ll find all the info at This holiday season buy unique, buy local and support your neighborhood artist.

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